You are here because 


You accept responsibility for creating the success you are capable of…

I deeply believe in your ability to do that and offer a safe,  non-judgmental space in which you can grow beyond what you’ve imagined.

I help ambitious individuals build habits for greater resilience as they pursue growth in career, health, wealth and relationships.

Want to know how resilient you are? Click below to take a quick, research-based quiz and find out.

Three key ingredients of a powerful transformation, with the potential to propel you forward in your growth are the identity you choose, your ability to stay in your personal power and freedom from the noise that limits you and holds you back.


Choose WHO you want to be. Your chosen identity creates purpose, focus and determination for your goals.There is a natural acceptance of the actions you must take and greater perseverance in the face of obstacles.

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Personal Power

You have a limitless power to create the life you dream of having.  You access this power by taking responsibility for your experiences and changing what is within your control to change.


Fears limit your potential, keeping you trapped in worry, anxiety, comparison, insecurity, indecision and inaction. To be free, practice acceptance, gratitude, patience, discipline and self-care in all circumstances.

Multiply your chances of success at any goal. My coaching programs help build greater resilience on a strong foundation of emotional, mental, and spiritual fitness, that keeps you growing personally and professionally.

Experience 4 phases of transformation through weekly coaching, supported by proven, research-based assessments, tools and apps.

Know Yourself

Understand how you show up for the ups and downs in life and the factors that influence your performance in any role you play. Learn how to manage your emotions so that you are responding to situations in a manner that aligns with who you want to be.

Trust Yourself

We trust others when there is consistency in compassion, competence and communication. Develop your capacity for self-compassion, create consistent self-care and self-reflection practices. When you are treating yourself kindly, taking care of your body, respecting your needs and hearing your own voice clearly, you become someone you trust.

Challenge Yourself

Inspire yourself and dream big. Learn how to stretch yourself, take consistent action and become adept at doing difficult things. Don't allow the fear of failure or judgment of others to hold you back or keep you small.

Master Yourself

Keep going and growing, even in the face of challenges and setbacks. Adopt long-term thinking, practice patience and be unshakeable in your belief. Find flow in your everyday tasks, presence in your interactions and joy in your journey.

Arthi Perka

Hi! I’m Arthi!

 Whether you want professional growth, improved physical health and relationships, or greater wealth, you’re likely to face ever-increasing demands on your time and energy, obstacles, uncertainty, and the feeling of being pulled in the direction of all your responsibilities at the same time. The resulting overwhelm might seem like the price you have to pay to achieve your goals…

It doesn’t have to be.

Regular habits that build your resilience can keep you feeling in control.

With greater resilience, you adapt to and bounce back quicker from challenging circumstances, 

  • you believe more in your ability to overcome, becoming less intimidated by the prospect of future setbacks,
  • you minimize the impact of stress on your relationships and your productivity,
  • you preserve your physical and mental wellbeing,
  • you see the opportunity in the challenge, not just the difficulty 

The greater your resilience, the more likely you are to grow and be transformed by your challenges, not just survive them.



Professional Coach
Jan 2019 – Present

Parenting Break
June 2014 – Dec 2018

Technical Lead/ Software Programmer
Dec 2004 – May 2014



Master of Science (MS), Computer Science
Bachelor of Engineering (BE), Computer Technology


Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Certified Executive Coach | COR.E Leadership Dynamics™ Specialist (CLDS)

Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)

Success Stories

Arthi is very personable, understanding and patient.

“She was able to tap into behaviors that were constantly blocking me from achieving my professional goals. Our sessions allowed me to discover peace of mind in intimidating settings, clarity during vulnerable and challenging situations, and overall confidence as a business owner and a first-generation college student. I couldn’t recommend Arthi enough. I deeply value our sessions and am eternally grateful for the progress she’s helped me make in my life.”

Jessica Martinez
Business Owner

I approached Arthi for help when I was feeling stuck in my career and didn't have a clear path towards getting to the next step.

“Arthi helped instill a tremendous amount of clarity that immediately made visible to me what my primary goal was and how to use my motivation in all the right ways to make progress. She also helped me with planning and executing on tangible, realistic and achievable actions towards my goal. After years of feeling stuck, I landed a job promotion literally within months of being coached by Arthi. I highly recommend Arthi.”

Program Management Professional

Arthi was a kind, attentive, and caring coach.

“She held space for me without judgment, and was very patient with me when I couldn’t even articulate what was going on for me during our sessions. She asked really interesting and thought-provoking questions, and made me see things in a new way that helped me process and move forward. I highly recommend Arthi.”

Robyn E.

Arthi exceeded my expectations with her keen insight and perceptive intuition.

“Immediately she helped me identify areas and solutions that I had not previously considered. After each session I was first, surprised with our outcomes then second, motivated to put my new insights into practice so I could begin moving forward. Thanks Arthi for your sincere dedication to my growth.”

Jim Beaver

I had the pleasure of working with Arthi as my coach, and found her to be incredibly insightful.

“She was able help me uncover several blocks to success that I hadn’t previously realized as ongoing patterns, and create actionable practices to implement in my daily work so that they could become less intrusive. Thank you, Arthi!”

Nicole S.

“We are what we repeatedly do… Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.
– Aristotle