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Maximize your potential  and create the life you want?

I help ambitious professionals who are feeling held back, connect with who they are and develop their personal power so that they create the life they want to live.


Your identity is your personal compass. Stop looking for direction outside yourself. When you know yourself, you can look within for clear answers. Create the life you want, don’t live one that is left to chance.

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Personal Power

Every moment gives you the opportunity to choose who you want to be and what you want to experience. Recognize this power and become the person you want to be, create the impact you are capable of.


Let go of beliefs, expectations and habits that limit you and hold you back. Create your own formula for success and fulfillment.

Jumpstart Program

Learn to navigate your fears & challenges, develop unshakeable confidence and consciously shift your emotions to reduce stress and overwhelm. Learn to look within yourself, lead with integrity, love with courage and live in fulfillment.

Know Yourself

Connect with who you are and create a clear vision of the life you want to live.

Trust Yourself

Show up for yourself and stand for what is important to you.

Challenge Yourself

Grow in the direction of your dreams.

Master Yourself

Stand in your personal power and create the impact you want to have.

Arthi Perka

Hi! I’m Arthi!

My mission is to guide my clients to look within themselves for answers, when they are feeling held back. As a Self-Leadership Coach, I believe that all meaningful progress begins with the self.

I am drawn to working with individuals who recognize their potential to do and be more, but are feeling held back.
Their biggest fear is not being able to maximize that potential and are looking for the transformation that will allow them to do just that.

The fundamental things I see holding people back are:

Looking Outside For Direction – When values, beliefs, decisions and standards for success are determined by those outside ourselves, life can feel unfulfilling and stressful in spite of hard work and success.

Handing Away Their Power – Every individual has the power to create the exact life they want. When this power goes unrecognized, people respond to situations without intention and purpose, unknowingly making decisions that create a life that does not align with what they truly want.

I can help…

Maximized Potential requires an Empowered Mindset, Consistent Action and High Engagement towards meaningful goals. It requires Self-Awareness and an ability to Manage Emotions.

Through my Coaching programs, you will learn to look within yourself, develop these skills and adopt the beliefs and attitudes that support your continued growth.

Sucess Stories

Arthi is very personable, understanding and patient.

“She was able to tap into behaviors that were constantly blocking me from achieving my professional goals. Our sessions allowed me to discover peace of mind in intimidating settings, clarity during vulnerable and challenging situations, and overall confidence as a business owner and a first-generation college student. I couldn’t recommend Arthi enough. I deeply value our sessions and am eternally grateful for the progress she’s helped me make in my life.”

Jessica Martinez
Business Owner

I approached Arthi for help when I was feeling stuck in my career and didn't have a clear path towards getting to the next step.

“Arthi helped instill a tremendous amount of clarity that immediately made visible to me what my primary goal was and how to use my motivation in all the right ways to make progress. She also helped me with planning and executing on tangible, realistic and achievable actions towards my goal. After years of feeling stuck, I landed a job promotion literally within months of being coached by Arthi. I highly recommend Arthi.”

Program Management Professional

Arthi was a kind, attentive, and caring coach.

“She held space for me without judgment, and was very patient with me when I couldn’t even articulate what was going on for me during our sessions. She asked really interesting and thought-provoking questions, and made me see things in a new way that helped me process and move forward. I highly recommend Arthi.”

Robyn E.

Arthi exceeded my expectations with her keen insight and perceptive intuition.

“Immediately she helped me identify areas and solutions that I had not previously considered. After each session I was first, surprised with our outcomes then second, motivated to put my new insights into practice so I could begin moving forward. Thanks Arthi for your sincere dedication to my growth.”

Jim Beaver

I had the pleasure of working with Arthi as my coach, and found her to be incredibly insightful.

“She was able help me uncover several blocks to success that I hadn’t previously realized as ongoing patterns, and create actionable practices to implement in my daily work so that they could become less intrusive. Thank you, Arthi!”

Nicole S.

You are here because…

You accept the responsibility to make the best of your potential and live a life that you can be proud of.
I deeply believe in your ability to do that and offer a safe, non-judgmental space in which we can discover your dreams and address the challenges you face.

The journey to realizing your full potential calls for a willingness to explore, understand, nurture, challenge & inspire the self. The result is Unshakeable Trust in Yourself, Clarity & Purpose in Leadership, Love & Understanding in Relationships. Let me be your guide as you learn to master this journey.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
– George Bernard Shaw

If not now, then when?